Morres Bridges Water Treatment Plant:
60,000yds. waste soil removed from site,
5,000ft.of electrical duct bank dug,
concrete structures placed,
final grade of 75% of site, excavation,backfill and
grade roadways inside plant.
37th Street Water Treatment Plant:
40,000yds waste soil removed from site,
final grade of site and roadways.
Atlantic Waste Treatment  Plant:
3 Employee parking l ots, 1 large warehouse
building pad to finish grade,
over 7000ft duct bank with structures dug and placed.
Demo of many private homes and small commercial
buildings,concrete pads,parking lots etc.
Clearing of building lots from .5 to 4 acres in
Suffol k, Chesapeake, and Hampton.
Hauling Jobs: Demo
Coliseum Mall Hampton:
Kurn Library Norfolk:
6 Story parking Garage Norfolk:
Ben Moral Housing Norfolk:
(600 Units)
Oscar Smith Middle School Chesapeake:
Hampton General Hospital:
ODU Auditorium Norfol k: